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Lesson: Wait in Line

I’m waiting on a guy when some woman appears out of nowhere at the second register and demands to be waited on. I told her that I couldn’t because the other customer was there first. It wasn’t a busy day and it wouldn’t have been long at all.

He turns and goes, “What? You can’t wait or something? What makes you special?”

And she goes, “I’m sorry, I’m just in pain.”

Seeing that a fight might escalate here, I called a coworker to help me even though I didn’t need it.

After I rang out the guy he turned and told her, “see that took a whole thirty seconds.” He promptly left the store.

She turned to me after being rung out and said, “I’m sorry.” I shrugged my shoulders at her. I mean really, you might be in pain. But, who was to say he wasn’t? What makes you so special that you need to be waited on before anyone else? Nothing. No empathy.

This is partly why I’m changing programs to Computer Science. I’d much rather work with machines than the public anymore.

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If you are starting to run low and don’t have any remaining refills for an important prescription, DO NOT WAIT until the last pill to call or come into the pharmacy to get it refilled. We have to fax the doctor for a refill request, which can take a while. So don’t get pissed at the pharmacy team when it’s your own damned fault that you can’t get your medication.

So much this.

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thecalvincycle asked: So a lady doesn't have her driver's license to buy sudafed so apparently she thought it was appropriate to respond to our refusal of the sale by saying I could go to Walmart and buy a gun. She insists she wasn't tying to threaten us... -_-

Sorry for this late response, I haven’t had time to cool down in quite some time. We had lots of threats, but never over getting a license over sudafed.

Times are tough. All those allergies getting to the junkies- I mean, patients. >:] I love the electronic log.