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The calls kept coming. The ER kept phoning in. There are only three of us today. Everyone’s waiting. Everyone’s pissed. Everyone’s showing up and we don’t have it done. We had just opened. The phone lines are flooded five minutes into the day.

Heart racing. Chest pain. Sweating profusely. Feeling nauseous. Feeling weak. It’s too hot. I felt like I was going to collapse. I had to walk out for a second and get some air. That helped.

Later on, my manager was kind enough to inform me that I might have suffered from an anxiety attack this morning.

That’s great because at least it wasn’t a heart attack, which is what I thought it was at first. I kept thinking this is it.
I’m too young for this shit.

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You don't write human. (Comment on my bad handwriting)
I know. I'm an alien. I was sent here to study the human race. It's kind of like a study abroad program.
... /shaking his head
I just can't say anything because of the Shadow Proclamation.

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Told a guy this morning, the first customer I had, that I did not know how to do a raincheck. He graciously responded with, "You better figure it out." And my day went from this might be okay to Oh HELL NO pretty fast. Didn’t even move from my spot, just looked over and yelled, "Anyone here know how to do a raincheck?!"

No responses, looked at the guy and said, "Sorry, no one here knows how, you’ll have to go up front" Morning’s aren’t my thing to begin with and my first fucktard customer didn’t help.

What’s with customers thinking they can be aggressive and threatening like that? That is not okay. I could’ve called the front end and gotten a step by step walk through. But that would’ve taken longer than going through a checkout line. PLUS, even if it were quicker, all of my will to want to help and whatever extra effort I might have been able to do went out the fucking the door the moment stupid fucks like this open their mouths.

So what. Call the 800 number. Like I give a fuck anymore.

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Customer Comprehension: Tech Vs RPH

Middle of a drive through transaction
Does the doctor know you just finished a Z-Pak?
What? I don't know what you're talking about.
... One second... -turns away from the drive through- RPH, she's not getting it!
What's there not to get?
I don't know.
Him at the window:
Are you herp?
Does the doctor know you just finished a Z-Pak?
Yeah, I told him all about the antibiotic.

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I’m starting Computer Science in the fall. Wish me luck… It’s not even summer yet and I’m already having these feelings of inadequacy and fear.

But, I’m just going to leave this video here for motivation to anyone who needs it. Les Brown is an amazing speaker.

Good luck to all of you out there and remember, “It’s not over until I win!”

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Anyone else have a moment where nothing is going right and you pick up the phone and forget everything and said something random into it?

Because I did. For some reason I thought I was at the window and I shouted “picking up?” into it. And I took a second to realize what I had just done and my managers looking at me like I’m half retarded and fuck my life.

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